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The SCO-SOC is an organization of Canada's ornithological community.

The goals of the Society of Canadian Ornithologists are as follows:

  1. Research:  to encourage and support research that aims to understand and conserve Canadian birds.

  2. Community: to serve as a professional society for Canadian ornithologists.

  3. Conservation: to work with professional ornithological societies in North America and worldwide to promote Canadian interests and the global conservation of birds.

  4. Communication: to disseminate knowledge of Canadian birds through a newsletter and a scientific journal.

  5. Excellence: to recognize excellence in pure and applied research, conservation and mentorship within the Canadian ornithological community.

  6. Responsibility: to speak for the Canadian ornithological community on public issues.



The SCO-SOC executive serves to provide for the best interests of the Society and Canadian ornithologists. Members are encouraged to play an active role in their Society, such as nominating candidates for officer elections (self-nominations encouraged).  See the current list of officers.  


SCO-SOC Business

The financial affairs of the Society are open to the public record. You can access these records by visiting the SCO business page.


SCO-SOC Operations

The SCO-SOC operates by the guidance of formal bylaws and a constitution.  In September of 2008, these documents were edited and expanded to reflect current practice.  In general, the revised versions are to be used by Officers and Councillors in conducting day-to-day business. 

The current document is subdivided below by section:



SCO-SOC members are often called upon to apply their scientific expertise to broader issues.  Requests for information on avian conservation issues are commonly made; the SCO-SOC has established a committee to fulfill these requests.  For further information, you can consult the mandate of the Conservation Committee. To raise an issue with the committee, contact the committee chair by email.  

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