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The SCO-SOC administers professional awards and student research and presentation awards.



  • The Doris Huestis Speirs Award is presented annually to an individual who has made outstanding lifetime contributions in Canadian ornithology.

  • The Jamie Smith Memorial Mentoring Award honours established ornithologists (professional or amateur) from academia, industry, non-government or government agencies in recognition of excellence in mentoring a new generation of professional or amateur biologists.

  • A new Early Career Researcher Award was established in 2016. The award honours fledgling ornithologists - in academia, industry, non-government or government agencies – that show strong potential for future leadership in Canadian ornithology


Student Research Awards are awarded annually to promising students studying Ornithology in Canada. The SCO-SOC administers three student research awards:

  • Taverner Awards are awarded annually to those with limited or no access to major funding, regardless of professional status, who are undertaking ornithological work in Canada

  • James L. Baillie Award is awarded annually to students studying Canadian birds in their natural environment, projects which contribute to preservation of birds, and projects which disseminate knowledge of birds

  • Fred Cooke Award is awarded annually to a student conducting ornithological research at a Canadian university for travel to ornithological conferences at which the student will make an oral or poster

  • presentation, or research in any aspect of ornithology anywhere in the world.

Student Presentation Awards are awarded each year at our annual conference for outstanding oral and poster presentations

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