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2022: Virtual - September 17-18 [website]


The 2022 SCO-SOC Conference will be held virtually the weekend of September 17-18. This year’s conference will be slightly different, with two days of student and early-career researcher led talks, all held in one continuous session. More details will be forthcoming, as we’re still early in the planning process, but you can count on plenary talks, special sessions, student awards, and social events. In addition to the two-day virtual conference, we will be hosting a series of skills-based and career development workshops. To find out more, or to volunteer to help out, contact


2021: Virtual (with AOS) [website]

2020: San Juan, Puerto Rico (virtual NAOC) [website]

2019: Québec City, QC [website]

2018: Vancouver BC (part of IOC) [website

2017: Lansing, MI (with AOU and COS) [website]

2016: Washington DC (part of NAOC)  [website]

2015: Wolfville, NS (with WOS and AFO)  [website]
2014: Estes Park, CO (with AOU and COS)
2013: Winnipeg, MB
2012: Vancouver, BC (part of NAOC)
2011: Moncton, NB
2010: San Diego, CA (with AOU and COS)
2009: Edmonton, AB
2008: Portland, OR (with AOU and COS)
2007: Lake Opinicon, ON
2006: Veracruz, MX (part of the NAOC)
2005: Halifax, NS
2004: Québec City, QC (with AOU)
2003: Saskatoon, SK
2002: New Orleans, LA (part of the NAOC)
2001: Seattle, WA (with AOU)
2000: Saint John's, NL (with AOU and BOU)
1999: Montréal, QC
1998: Vancouver, BC
1997: Peterborough, ON
1996: Fredericton, NB - (1st stand-alone meeting; see forest bird symposium
special publication)
)1995: Cincinatti, OH (with AOU)
1994: Missoula, MT (part of the NAOC)
1993: Guelph, ON (with WOS)
1992: Ames, IA (with AOU)
1991: Montréal, QC (with AOU)
1990: Los Angeles, CA (with AOU)
1989: Pittsburgh, PA (with AOU)
1988: Fayetteville, AR (with AOU)
1987: San Francisco, CA (with AOU)
1986: Ottawa, ON (with IOC)
1985: Tempe, AZ (with AOU)
1984: Lawrence, KS (with AOU)
1983: Chicago, IL (with AOU) - (1st annual meeting)

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