2021: Virtual (with AOS) [website]

2020: San Juan, Puerto Rico (virtual NAOC) [website]

2019: Québec City, QC [website]


2018: Vancouver BC (part of IOC) [website

2017: Lansing, MI (with AOU and COS) [website]

2016: Washington DC (part of NAOC)  [website]

2015: Wolfville, NS (with WOS and AFO)  [website]
2014: Estes Park, CO (with AOU and COS)
2013: Winnipeg, MB
2012: Vancouver, BC (part of NAOC)
2011: Moncton, NB
2010: San Diego, CA (with AOU and COS)
2009: Edmonton, AB
2008: Portland, OR (with AOU and COS)
2007: Lake Opinicon, ON
2006: Veracruz, MX (part of the NAOC)
2005: Halifax, NS
2004: Québec City, QC (with AOU)
2003: Saskatoon, SK
2002: New Orleans, LA (part of the NAOC)
2001: Seattle, WA (with AOU)
2000: Saint John's, NL (with AOU and BOU)
1999: Montréal, QC
1998: Vancouver, BC
1997: Peterborough, ON
1996: Fredericton, NB - (1st stand-alone meeting; see forest bird symposium
special publication)
)1995: Cincinatti, OH (with AOU)
1994: Missoula, MT (part of the NAOC)
1993: Guelph, ON (with WOS)
1992: Ames, IA (with AOU)
1991: Montréal, QC (with AOU)
1990: Los Angeles, CA (with AOU)
1989: Pittsburgh, PA (with AOU)
1988: Fayetteville, AR (with AOU)
1987: San Francisco, CA (with AOU)
1986: Ottawa, ON (with IOC)
1985: Tempe, AZ (with AOU)
1984: Lawrence, KS (with AOU)
1983: Chicago, IL (with AOU) - (1st annual meeting)