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Submission deadlines are February 15, May 15 and October 15 or each year.

We are looking for fresh material for Picoides, specifically the following:
Bird related articles and photos
Student Award reports
Society news items
Society Awards
News from Canadian bird labs
Canadian thesis abstracts
Event notices
Book reviews
Letters to the editor
Bird related poetry
Bird related artwork


are needed to create interesting and useful issues. Without them, there is no Picoides!


Pointers for people submitting articles, letters or images to Picoides

  1. Make sure you send us your complete contact information: name, address, phone number and email address if you have one, so that we can contact you if we have questions about your submission. Please also send the name of the photographer for any photographs you include with your submission.

  2. Please write as concisely as possible since space is limited in each issue and keep in mind that the editor reserve the right to edit articles for clarity and space limitations.

  3. If you need to make changes to your article after sending it, send the entire article with the changes, being sure to note in your correspondence what changes were made. If it is not possible to resend the article, please indicate which article for which you are sending the changes.

  4. We prefer to receive submissions in electronic format as this saves the editors the time it takes to type the article into a computer. However, handwritten or typed submissions are also acceptable.
    The preferred format for electronic submissions is text (.txt), rich text file (.rtf), or Microsoft Word (.doc). Wordperfect files will be accepted, but we prefer that they be converted to .rtf or .txt files beforehand (do this by using "Save As" under the file menu).
    If possible, send articles as font "ARIAL" set at size "10". Please use as little in the way of formatting commands as possible. Use the return carriage only when creating a new paragraph. Let text wrapping create new lines rather than starting a new line by by hitting “enter" or "return" on your keyboard. If possible, avoid using tables in created in Word or Wordperfect formats.

  5. Send images in their original format if possible, i.e. if a picture was taken as a print or slide, send these, but if it was taken as a digital image, send the digital image. For each image, please send a caption stating what the photograph is about, the name of the person who took the photograph, and which article it goes with. Slides and prints will be scanned and returned after the issue of Picoides is released.
    We request that you send digital images as a JPEG or GIF file (minimize file size). However, if the original is a JPEG or, GIF or  TIFF format send the original rather than converting the image to another format.

  6. Please do not compress images for sending by email. Highly compressed images print poorly as a rule; the higher resolution your image is, the better it will print. In general, images at 150 dpi are adequate for electronic publications. As long as file sizes are under 4 MB, do not worry about sending large files to the editor's email.
    Please do not send images embedded as word (.doc), WordPerfect (.wpd), or pdf files.

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