Student Research Awards

The SCO-SOC administers 3 student research awards:

  1. The Taverner Awards

  2. The James L. Baillie Award

  3. The Fred Cooke Award

  • Applicants must be SCO-SOC members to be eligible (Note: Membership is based on the calendar year so will expire on December 31st of the year in which you register, while registration after October 1st will be valid through December 31st of the following year. Multi-year memberships will be treated similarly, expiring on December 31st of the last year for which you register.)

  • A single application can be made to apply for all 3 types of student research awards. Download the  application form (including instructions) for the 2020 awards.

  • Application deadline is 2 March 2020


Applications should be emailed to:
Dr. Nicola Koper
Chair, SCO-SOC Student Awards Committee
Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, MN R3T 2M6
E-mail: Nicola Koper 




Taverner Awards are offered by the SCO-SOC to honour Percy A. Taverner and to further his accomplishments in increasing the knowledge of Canadian birds through research, conservation, and public education.  The awards are aimed at people with limited or no access to major funding, regardless of professional status, who are undertaking ornithological work in Canada.  Two awards of up to $2,000 each are made annually.


The James L. Baillie Student Research Award is open to any student conducting ornithological research at a Canadian university.  It honours the memory of James L. Baillie and shall be for research that is consistent with the objectives of the James L. Baillie Memorial Fund. These are to support: studies of Canadian birds in their natural environment; projects which contribute to preservation of birds; and projects which disseminate knowledge of birds. The James L. Baillie Student Research Award is funded by Long Point Bird Observatory / Bird Studies Canada from proceeds of the Baillie Birdathon, and is administered by the SCO-SOC. One award of up to $2000 is made annually.


The Fred Cooke Student Award is offered jointly by the SCO-SOC and Bird Studies Canada to honour the contributions of Professor Fred Cooke to Canadian ornithology by supporting ornithological conference travel or research activities by a student at a Canadian university.   The award shall be open to any student conducting ornithological research at a Canadian university, except that previous recipients of the award shall not be eligible.  The award shall be for travel to ornithological conferences at which the student will make an oral or poster presentation, or research in any aspect of ornithology anywhere in the world. One award of up to $1000 is made annually.


Taverner Awards

2019 - Brandon Edwards and Andrew Cook

2018 - Andrew Beauchamp and Sonya Pastran

2017 - Amélie  Roberto-Charron and Devin de Zwaan

2016 - Brad Woodworth and Nikole Freeman

2015 - Tosha Kelly and Joel Slade

2014 - Laura Schoenle and Krista Roessingh
2013 - Rachael Derybshire and David Toews
2012 - Elizabeth Gow and Magali Petit
2011 - Vanya Rohwer and Ryan Germain
2010 - Greg Mitchell and Ann McKellar
2009 - Morgan Gilmour and Melanie Guigueno
2008 - Lori Parker and Celia Chui
2007 - Justin Rasmussen and Megan Sellick
2006 - Jennifer Foote and Sarah Jamieson

James L. Baillie

2019 - Libby Natola

2018 - Alex Sutton

2017 - Shannon Whelan

2016 - Haley Kenyon

2015 - Anjolene Hunt

2014 - Jesse Pakkala
2013 - Adrianna Bruni
2012 - Stephanie LaZerte
2011 - Kira Delmore
2010 - Kyle Elliott
2009 - David Swan
2008 - Robert DeCaire
2007 - Heather Major
2006 - Neil Goodenough

Fred Cooke Award

2019 - Evelein de Greef

2018 - Samantha Krause

2017 - Leanne Grieves

2016 - Alana Demko

2015 - Sarah Gutowsky

2014 - Jean-Nicolas Audet
2013 - Laure Cauchard
2012 - Vanya Rohwer
2011 - Raphael Lavoie
2010 - Marie Burle
2009 - Calandra Stanley
2008 - Roslyn Dakin
2007 - Nicole Barker
2006 - Stephanie Topp

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