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To date, the SCO-SOC has issued one Special Publication - a series of manuscripts on the "Biology and Conservation of Forest Birds".

This Special Publication, issued in 1999 and edited by A.W, Diamond and D.N. Nettleship, is a series of manuscripts arising from a symposium at the 1996 SCO-SOC meeting in Fredericton, NB.

The entire publication is available here (warning: file is ~3 MB)

Also, the articles are available as pdf's below; click on the page numbers.  These pdf's are image-based (non-searchable) with low resolution (to reduce file size).




Introduction to biology and conservation of forest birds

Population trends of woodland and scrubland birds using data from the Canadian Breeding Bird Survey, 1966-1994

Tracing diets and origins of migratory birds using stable isotope techniques

Population studies of Marbled Murrelets in British Columbia

Evaluating uncertainty in estimating population trends for research and conservation of Marbled Murrelets

Studies of forestry and avian communities in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick

Breeding bird population studies at Hayward Brook: Fundy Model Forest​

Bird responses to the first cut of the uniform shelterwood silvicultural system in white pine forest

Snag characteristics and their use as woodpecker drilling sites in harvested and non-harvested northern hardwood forest

Strip-cutting: nest success and bird responses to strip regrowth

Effect of a large burn in the boreal forest on reproduction of American Kestrels and other birds

Concluding remarks: content versus context in forest bird research


AW Diamond


CM Downes and BT Collins



KA Hobson



F Cooke


J Boulanger et al.



B Freedman and G Johnson



GR Parker et al.



A. Kingsley and E. Nol



F. Doyon et al.



G. Falardeau et al.


R Dawson and GR Bortolotti



AW Diamond

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